Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration

I have been stuck trying to figure out what to eat and make for meals. Going gluten free has proved a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Kudos to those who have to make this change, my respect for this lifestyle grows daily. One thing I realized this week is that I will need to spend more time in the kitchen. Living in Vancouver means most restaurants/cafe's are part of chains and their GF menu is very limited if existent at all. Portland on the other hand has a glorious selection of GF restaurants and menus. Unfortunately during the work week I spend the majority of my time in le couve and can't make the commute to Portland. 

After my revelation about kitchen time I headed to the local library looking for some help. I found 'gluten-free girl and the chef' by shauna james ahern & daniel ahern. Admittedly, I had viewed her website last month in preparation for this challenge and didn't give it enough credit. I passed it by. But a few chapters into her book and I have changed my mind. She is witty and spunky and the passion about food makes you hungry. I have to eat while reading this book. I'm not kidding I'm munching on mango slices while staring at her baked eggs with taleggio recipe, right now.  So if you are like me and in need of GF inspiration, I would highly recommend this book. Also, check out her website for other great recipes. 


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