Monday, January 16, 2012


Sorry I couldn't help it... that song is stuck in my head. Anyhow after a marathon meeting/planning session/grocery shopping trip with Brittany we have decided to extend the gluten free challenge half way into January! We hope you don't mind but it's taken me the last two weeks to get a feel for being GF and Brittany just joined the GF challenge. Plus, we also wanted to get a little more in depth than just posting recipes so the extension seemed like a great idea. Also we want to announce that tomorrow we are starting a 12 week fitness program! (LiveFit - Jamie Eason's challenge.) We will be posting in April about our experience and look forward to sharing our results then.

Other challenges to look forward to this year: 
Clean Eating
Mixed Marshal Arts
Training for a 5k+ run

If you would like to pose a challenge for us to try please send it our way!


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