Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Apology and A Promise!

I apologize! Not only have Britt and I been swamped with homework this last two weeks (seriously Tuesday night we pulled an all nighter!) but my camera that I used to take a lot of pictures for our posts, once again is being serviced. And ironically the CF card is telling me that I need to reformat and it won't let me pull the pictures off before reformatting but if I reformat it, it will delete the photos... I am praying to the electronic gods that another CF reader will allow me to pull the photos, there are a lot on there that I want to keep! Anyway, I promise to post consistently for the remainder of the week and the upcoming posts should make up for our serious negligence. 

A few things to look forward to this week (CF card permitting):
Restaurant Reviews:
     ^ Subway's new-ish GF menu items
     ^ Baja Fresh  
Homemade Dinners:
     ^ Mexican Tomalito y Tomales
     ^ Italian turkey burgers - Jamie Eason's style. 
     ^ I successfully made a GF rainbow drop cake and cupcakes and they were insanely good
     ^ Almond Ice Cream review

For now I'll leave you with these bad boys:

These have quickly become my favorite cracker, I pair them with semi soft goat cheese. So delicious. The best part? For 3 crackers it's only 160 calories and these crackers are huge. Longer than the palm of your hand huge...


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